What to Do When a Dog Barks Excessively

With more than 45 years of experience in real estate development, construction executive Gary R. Gibbs builds both affordable housing and luxury apartments. One of Gary R. Gibbs’ other interests is dog training.

Barking is natural for dogs. However, when barking becomes a nuisance, dog owners should train their animals to control the barking.

Experts say there are many reasons for excessive barking, including boredom and separation issues. While there is no one-size-fits-all way to stop excessive barking, experts offer a few suggestions.

First, dogs need sufficient physical and mental exercise. Develop the habit of taking regular exercise with the dog, such as walking with the animal every morning.

Second, let the dog socialize with other people and dogs. Let it become accustomed to seeing the mailman, the neighbor in a wheelchair, and kids riding bikes.

Third, train the dog to become familiar with sounds in the home, such as the radio and TV. When the owner leaves the house, the dog is less likely to bark when it hears these familiar sounds.

Fourth, the dog needs to learn the “quiet” command. Using a calm but firm voice, tell the dog to be quiet when it barks.