Service Dog Training Programs for Veterans

Gary R. Gibbs has been in the real estate and construction industry for more than 45 years. Outside of his professional success, Gary R. Gibbs engages in philanthropic endeavors including involvement with his local church board and the inclusive sports organization, the Miracle League. He has also contributed to the organization 22Kill, which aims to expand programs that promote the mental health and well-being of veterans and first responders.

Animal-assisted therapy is an effective approach for treating post-traumatic stress disorder. For this reason, many veteran’s health organizations have established dog training programs. Some programs match veterans with screened canines, while others may accept pets that can pass temperament requirements.

In either case, participants work closely with professional trainers to teach their dog the skills and commands needed to perform as a service dog. Taking responsibility for the dog and building up a trusting relationship can reduce the severity of PTSD symptoms. Service dogs are also trained to perform tasks that can help veterans feel more at ease such as alerting them when a person is approaching.