What Is the Saro Dog Training Technique?

Seasoned property developer Gary R. Gibbs has a strong interest in outdoor and nature-based activities, including golf and hunting. Gary R. Gibbs also cites dog training as one of his hobbies.

Due to the diversity of opinions about dog behavior and learning, there are a diverse array of dog training approaches. The Saro method is a relatively modern technique created by Canadian dog training professional Saro Boghozian. Also known as “play and praise” or “naked” training, the Saro method doesn’t use rewards such as toys or treats. Negative reinforcement tools such as choke or shock collars are also prohibited.

Instead, the method emphasizes bonding behaviors such as playing and praise as the best way to reinforce desired behaviors. Boghozian bases his approach on the findings that dogs find praise a more rewarding experience than treats. He also believes that negative behaviors such as incessant barking are actually caused by stress. Owners using the Saro technique can reduce the stress their dogs experience by providing clear direction and having consistent and playful interactions with their pets.

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