The Link between PTS and Veteran Suicide

Real estate developer Gary R. Gibbs is involved with his local church board and is a long-time supporter of numerous charities. Gary R. Gibbs is affiliated with the nonprofit, 22Kill, a national organization focused on increasing awareness around veteran suicide and mental health.

As reflected in the organization’s name, approximately 22 veterans take their own lives every day. While there are many reasons why returning military members can develop suicidal ideation, including difficulty adjusting to civilian life or social isolation, post-traumatic stress (PTSD) is a leading risk factor.

Veterans can develop PTSD due to intense combat experience that led to a severe injury. PTSD is also associated with strong feelings of guilt based on actions taken during combat. Without treatments, symptoms of PTSD, such as vivid flashbacks of traumatic memories can increase the likelihood that a veteran will experience suicidal ideation. Treating PTSD through various therapeutic approaches can help veterans develop essential coping skills and reduce suicide rates.

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