Tips for Training Rescue Dogs

Seasoned real estate developer Gary R. Gibbs possesses more than four decades of experience building and managing a diverse property portfolio. Beyond his expertise in property development, Gary R. Gibbs has an interest in dog training approaches.

After adoption, many rescue dogs must be taught basic skills for living in a home environment. Dog owners must be consistent and patient to see progress, especially in older dogs. It is best to begin training in a familiar space with minimal distractions, such as the living room or private backyard.

Owners should encourage the dog to comply with training by offering desirable treats or a favorite toy. Training can be mentally exhausting for dogs, so sessions should be short and only occur when the dog has energy. Once the dog is comfortable in its new home and has mastered important commands such as come or lie down, owners can start to take their pet to group training sessions or a dog park.

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