Three Common Dog-Training Approaches

Gary R. Gibbs studies dog training techniques. His dog, gunner is fourth Labrador retrievers that he has owned. He and his family have always treated these dogs as family.

In the past few years, a better understanding of dog behavior has led to the emergence of diverse approaches to dog training. The most popular styles include:

– Dominance training. This method is based on the theory that dogs must view the trainer as the pack leader. Trainers may require the dog to respond to a command before it receives a treat, is fed, or is taken for a walk.

– Positive reinforcement. Trainers who use this approach immediately reward the dog for wanted behaviors. Since negative behaviors do not result in a treat, the dog eventually ceases these actions.

– Relationship-based training. Some dog owners prefer to adapt a specific training approach to their dog’s temperament. In addition to teaching the dog commands, owners set up their pet for success by tailoring the environment to reduce problem behaviors.

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